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Tell a SUPER story about "Cave of Plunder"


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I pledge allegiance to red legion! 


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15 hours ago, Coco said:

But Coco Alexander will make you cry

You always do

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I pledge allegiance to RED LEGION!

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😣I pledge allegiance to green legion

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The great king of house of plenty and gambling once grab everyone ones coin and asked them to plage allegiance to red dragon to survive but only few refused to do that which brought the birth of the great green dragon that defeated the red dragon with the cave of plunder

the end 

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Saya  menjanjikan setia untuk Legiun Merah 

Tapi terus terang saya bukan Legion merah, karena perlu doge saya menyusup ke Legion merah😈😈😈😈😈😈

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Saya berjanji setia kepada Legiun Merah!                                                 Supaya dapat mawar🌹saya akan mengikuti Legion merah karena tidak ada yang bisa pergi dari goa membawa mawar kalaw bukan pasukan merah💀

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On 1/11/2020 at 9:23 AM, 🌙¢αt🌙 said:

I pledge allegiance to Red Legion!

                                             "the cave of plunder"

*the story beyond:


        before it was called  the cave plunder it was once an ancient ruins with happy people living on it..

but one day the gods test there faith and destroyed the city..an earthquake came and volcano errupts

make  the ruins get buried and forgotten in history;

        thousand years have past..then the red legions prince whose running away from a defeated war with 

his ally finds a big dark cave.,because of desperation of wanting to survive they hide in the cave.. they keep going

deeper in the cave, even its dark until they see a shiny light along there way... and there they discover the ancient ruins

the prince got amazed on what he sees; and  make it as a based for there revenge along with his comrades;









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                                                   "the cave of plunder"


 *the witch


  After a year of hiding in the ruins in the cave ;the red commander finally finish

setting up all the traps that he need.. the confident  prince  finally got a plan

he knows he got lesser army than the green commander so he sneaks up in the village

and planted some treasure maps leading to the cave{ a dangerous attempt in exposing his base}

the green soldier1870542636_geenboyandchest.jpg.e274efb944347c54e2d448a2fea99749.jpg who got one of the maps got excited and goes to the cave without any caution

not even knowing that already fallen from the commanders trap,

 red commander got his ally witch 948156387_scarletwitch.jpg.212e52f2b5395d8e2d2ef38fdb1a0685.jpg that control the minds of his victim

the guardian of the first treasure is the witch who got only one weakness

[the four rose bibles] this items can make the witch go weak,


the one who enters her territory well become a slave and become a soldier of the red armytoonlink2.jpg.abd4ace30593d3719ee65adcf5050cc7.jpg



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Now this this man Coco people say resembled a frog but he was the finest frog looking lad in all of the swamp Where his cave of plunder was nestled Between 2 crocodile Gargoyles that marked the entrance . Coco was famous for his  lifelong love of Cocoa butter lotion. Which he swore gave him an amazing look that brought out every boil on his face to a gleaming swath of putrid warts and his unique look was so popular in fact that it compelled people seemingly by hypnosis to want to follow him and emulate all that he does. Soon Koko had amassed a legion  Of loyal subjects that became known as the red legion. The unintentional way with which it all occurred was the inspiration for the movie fight club.  But I digress. The name red legion in fact was due to the horrible skin condition that Cocoa unknowingly had spread to all of his subjects that created a horrible disfigurement unless Liberal amounts of Cocoa butter lotion was constantly applied daily. But the legion embraced the horrible disfigurement as a badge of honor and became what's known famously as Cocos red legion.

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It all started when a young girl journeyed off into the deep forest and stumbled across something she never dreamed of seeing. it was a book. the cover itself was was probably worth more than she would ever earn in her lifetime. she looked around and saw no one around and it felt odd to be where she found it. she couldnt resist and opened it.


she had no idea this book was exactly what her grandmother used to talk about in bed time stories. a cave that had gone missing for ages because a clan of thieves and pirates raided it it took the relic's that didn't belong to them.

she started thinking about the story and struggled remembering the details. but, as she turned the pages, it all started coming back to her. it was as if her grandmother was speaking to her again. she read about the three relics, and the riches that would be created if they were all three together. it explained they would multiply and vast amounts of other riches could come to the one who brought this cave back to life. but it also spoke of the thief who guarded this treasure with his band of thieves that were inherently cursed to this cave. they had one job. keep the treasure from leaving the cave. this brought chills through her spine but she continued and to her surprise, the next pages were maps. showing exactly where the treasures where. with that, she took it as a quest to bring back the CAVE OF PLUNDER. 

When she had all three relics, she returned to where she found the book and followed the ritual that was said to open the cave again. 

she placed the ROSE BIBLE, CHAIN CROSS, AND MAGIC RUBY in a horizontal line and spoke the words,

"I pledge allegiance to Red Legion!"

As soon as she spoke the words everything around her had changed and she stood in-front of a Red Crocodile. she knew this was Coco Alexander. the red Croc who was now cursed along, with his clan of thieves and pirates to protect the treasures he once stole. 

Showing no fear she bravely looked Coco in the eyes and requested that the Croc lead her to her treasure.

The Croc laughed, deeply gazing into her eyes, and without a word he quickly dipped down a steep cliff and hopped across a lake of lava and onto a platform where he then sat on a throne. he whispered, but it echoed throughout the cave. he said bring me enough treasure dear and you can have anything you desire.

Suddenly things started beaming and glistening in areas of the cave.  along with the clan that follow Coco Alexander. Wild creatures wielding swords and spears began popping up in direct paths to where she could see treasures.  She knew this would come and she came well prepared. she drew back her bow and fired her first arrow directly at Coco which sent him off in a raging tantrum.

All she knew was that she wanted the treasures her grandmother spoke about. And nothing would stop her from getting it.

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I Pledge allegiance to Red Legion!

Once upon a time, a man who live in Coin city is so poor .So difficut for find his food.but he try to find for food .But no one want to help him.Everyday he find many food.But so diffcult for find little.Because he not have gold. Any body not want help him.He hateful and annoy to this people in Coin city.So he ever dream for give sadness case to this people.He find many ways to get coins.But not have way for him.Because no one want call him for work in their place.He get many depression.

Sometime he try to sucide. But he think this is not end .Luck is come to every body about 1 time. His thought is not wrong.Because nor far day he have chance for get coin and make to rich.

  The king of Coin city  make a notice; Any body in this city to find some games for him.Because gold in the bank of city is down day by day.So need for game play to refill gold.And this games is attract to all of citizen.

Now he find many way for make games.He think he can do it.Finally he make 2 game.He give this name to 'Crash' And 'Hasdish'. He go to the royal palace and introduce his games to king and let play to king and his serve.The king play near 1hour and say 

                                      "Ohh, This two game is so good.Everybody want to play these.You are brightness to find game"

The king get satisfied for the game, and give game producer position to him.

He so happy for that .He think finaly he make that .

He make many game for find gold and make full to the King's bank. 

Not far years,The king bank is refull of gold.The king like his performance and give duty to him for protect bank.Because bank is full of gold,So many theives can stole from the bank. The king give name to him "Red Legion Commander" and give duty to protect bank.

No one can stole from bank after change protect general to "Red Legion Comander".........

Who will try to stole from the bamk?Some  one is try to make that .But this can pass or faill is ...................................................................................................................................................?


Ohh, I forget to say what game he produce, these are Blackjack.Roulete,Plinko, Vediopoker and Wheel. But that game is not end,He try to produce many game .



Hehe ,make by mind ............

Thz for reading...........







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