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Savior Sword Slots Verification Tool Challenge Prize 1 ETH


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Savior Sword User Created Verification Tool Contest




    As you most likely know by now, BC.Game is constantly raising the bar regarding the fairness and transparency expected from online casino operators. We have pointed out a few fundamental flaws in the way that fairness verification is handled by most sites. First and foremost is that the onsite tools used to verify bets are created by the same casino that you are verifying. That is obviously a conflict of interest. So we have called upon the BC.Game community and beyond to create a third party verification script/tool that can be used to verify the fairness of BC.Game’s unique new slots game Savior Sword.



  1. Must be usable by non-devs. (We suggest jsfiddle.net with clear instructions on how to use it. Anything that is user friendly is acceptable.)

  2. All work submitted will need to be open-source so that anyone is able to fork and replicate it.

  3. Must be your original work, no copy+pasting other people’s stuff after they’ve already created it. Let that person know about the comp.

  4. Only one entry per person

  5. Admins will make the final decision on who the winner is after testing for quality.

Prize For The Winner Is 1 ETH. 

Happy Coding


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3 hours ago, NoFlow said:

Unfortunately the verification tool for you 2 is incorrect, the verification base for the 2 is exactly the same, only the site visualization changes.



https://prnt.sc/u5w363 >>> Verification User 真是的
https://prnt.sc/u5w3mi >>> Verification User elixiroflife

The server seed you filled in has been hashed.
You should use a non-hashed server seed for the verification tool.

You must change your seeds before you can get the non-hashed server seed, and then use it to fill in the verification tool

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